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If you would like to help out and and a link to your website or blog here is the html code you will need to insert into your page: 


<a href="http://www.amillionlinkstomyblog.com">A Million Links to My Blog</a> 


This should appear like this when posted: A Million Links to My Blog  


Thanks to everyone that adds a link! 


If you would like me to consider your site for our benefactor site list please send me an email at: contact@amillionlinkstomyblog.com


I will not add a link to any site related to adult content, porn, warez, hacking, illegal activities, hate-related sites, link farms, web spam or any other website that is considered offensive to the general public. 


If you link back to me on the front page of your site I will add your link to the first page of our benefactor list. If you link to us within one click of your homepage I will add your link to page two of our benefactor list. 


If you have a blogroll list or similar link list where my link appears on every page of your site on over 1000 pages I can link your site on the front page of mine. 


Please note we use Spam Arrest to eliminate spam from our email box. Please look for a email from us to confirm you are a person not a bot. You will need to respond so we can get your message. 


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